Peruvian Navy`s BAP Abtao, S class
As the R-class submarines were getting closer to ending their distinguished service of some 30 years a new type of submarines was needed. Taking into consideration the tactical morals learned during World War II and the technical innovations achieved during that time it was decided to order four new boats from the US Electric Boat co. Groton.
The order was placed for two boats on July 2, 1951, Lobo and Tiburon followed later on, July 1st, 1955, with Atun and Merlin, the 1,400 ton submarine design was based on the American 1200 ton/240 feet long S-class submarine.
BAP Lobo was launched on February 6, 1954 and deliverd to the Peruvian Navy on June 14, 1954. She was renamed BAP Abtao in April 1957 as all boats in class, Tiburon became 2 de Mayo, Atun-Angamos and Merlin-Iquique.

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Image Country Year Description
Peru 1986 Submarine BAP Abtao,1 de Marzo de 1954
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