Bibliography & Links

While writing this internet site I mainly used the following bibliography:
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Internet Web Sites-the ones I found most helpful:
   - Wikipedia, The free encyclopedia-
   - Wikipedia, History of Submarines-

   - General submarine history-
   - Aviation (Airplanes & Helicopters) -
   - Chilean Navy submarines-
   - Dutch Navy submarines-
   - German U-boats in World War II (and World War I)-
   - Israeli Navy submarines-
   - Italian Navy in World War II-
   - Italian Navy-
   - Japanese Imperial Navy in World War II-
   - Johan P. Holland-
   - Nuclear submarines-

- Royal Navy Submarines-
   - Russian & Soviet Navy / submarines-
   - Spanish Navy submarines-
   - Simon Lake-
   - Submarines from all over the world-
   - Submersibles-
   - Turkish Navy submarines-
   - US Navy submarines-
   - US Navy history-
   - The most comprehensive submarine stamp collection-

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