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This internet site, launced on 2009, is an upgrade to my 2002 web site which was constructed to sum up three years of intensive effort combining my profession, mechanical (naval) engineer, and my passion, submarines stamps collecting- it is developing constantly ever since.

For long years I have been involved in stamps collecting concentrating in the large aspect of the word sea, that is ships and boats of all kind, fishes and sea mammals, crustaceans and mollusks, navigators and explorers, light-houses etc.

In 1999 I decided to focus on my passion, submarines, and divert my effort to put together a comprehensive list of all submarine stamps and trying to collect them all. Later on I decided to display my collection and try to tell the story of the evolution of diving bells and submersibles into real submarines, starting with Alexander the Great in 332 BC up until the end of the 2ed Millennium, as reflected through stamps emissions issued out by various post authorities world wide.

Attempting to write the history of submarines under this constringe, naturally, dose not do justice to academic accuracy since not every historical event or development, technological brake through or historical mile stone was granted with a stamp or perpetuated on a souvenir sheet.

All I know is that I gave it the best effort I could and I can only hope that you’ll enjoy the outcome as I enjoyed the making of it.

Although I did my best, some historical fact or technical information maybe inaccurate or all together incorrect, please feel free to contact me and lighten me up.

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