Peruvian Navy`s R-1/ BAP Islay, R class
Following the decommissioning of the two Labeauf class submarines the Navy ordered 4 boats from the US Electric Boat Co. Groton. A contract was signed for the first two 755 ton submarines of the R-class on April 11, 1924, R-1 and R-2 were followed later on by R-3 and R-4.
R-1 was delivered on July 12, 1922, followed by R-2 on April 29, 1926 and R-3 and R-4 on April 21, 1928 and May 10, 1928 respectively.
During the period 1956 to 1958 the four boats underwent an overhaul and in April 1957 they were given names as follows Islay for R-1, Casma, Pacocha, and Arica for the rest.
Dew to technical deterioration and maintenance problems it was decided on November 29, 1958 to put the boats out of service. In 1960 the BAP Isaly was taken out of service.

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Image Country Year Description
Peru 1986 Submarine BAP R-1 Isley,12 de Julio de 1926
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