Russia`s (ex USSR) Submersibles

During the Soviet ere the USSR used to operate a large fleet of DSVs and ROVs, part of that fleet was transferred to Ukraine.

P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology,
Moscow is part of the Russian Academy of Science. Divisions of Shirshov are in St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad (Baltic Base), Ghelendzhik (Black Sea Base), and Moscow (headquarters). The institute operates research ships, oceanographic research ships and six submersibles. Two Mir class steel hulled, 6,000 m depth capable submersibles were built in Finland by Rauma-Ripola Corporation, two Pisces class 2,000 m depth capable submersibles were built in Canada by HYCO Ltd, the Argus 600 m depth capable submersible operates primarily in the Black Sea. Osmotr, with a 300 m depth capability, is located in Ghelendzhik on the Black Sea and is for sale.

Experimental Design Bureau of Oceanological Engineering,
Moscow, is a spin-off of the P.P. Shirshov Institute. The people who now direct this bureau designed and built the Argus 600 and Osmotr when they were part of Shirshov. This bureau now is building two Rift class 4,000 m submersibles.

Russian-designed and -built 600 m depth capable manned submersible which operates primarily in the Black Sea.
Pisces class
Designed by Al Trice, Pisces II is representative of early manned submersibles built in the late 1960s, the Pisces series of submersibles were proven workhorses in offshore exploration.
Pisces II, the first production model of its design was built in 1969 by Hyco-International Hydrodynamics, on Riverside Drive in North Vancouver. The company went on to build 10 Pisces subs before folding in the late 1970s.

One of the Pisces subs, Pisces IV, was built for Soviet Russia in the early 1970s. Just before it was ready to be exported, the American government put pressure on the Canadian government not to allow the export. The Americans did not want the Russians to benefit by the leading-edge sub technology at the time. Canada refused to issue an export permit and the Canadian government bought the sub for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.
Later on the Russians managed to obtain two Pisces-I could not pin-point when and how.

Image Country Year Description
USSR - Soviet Union 1990 Argus
Antigua & Barbuda 2000 Argus
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