Mir, Russian`s most sophisticated manned submersible

The P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Moscow is part of the Russian Academy of Science. Divisions of Shirshov are in St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad (Baltic Base), Ghelendzhik (Black Sea Base), and Moscow (headquarters). The institute operates ten research ships. Six are oceanographic research ships and two are submersible support ships. Shirshov has six submersibles. Two Mir class, two Pisces class 2,000 m depth capable submersibles were built in Canada by HYCO Ltd. The Argus 600 m depth capable submersible operates primarily in the Black Sea. Osmotr, with a 300 m depth capability, is located in Ghelendzhik on the Black Sea and is for sale.

means peace in Russian, and is also the name of Russia`s space station. The Mir submersibles, steel hulled, were built, 1987, in Finland by Rauma-Ripola Corporation, have a dive capability of 6,000m (20,000ft) in depth, making them among the deepest diving manned submersibles in the world.

The Mirs have been responsible for some of the greatest deep-sea discoveries, including James Cameron`s famous expedition to film the Titanic. Operating together, the Mir-I and Mir-II submersibles offer a unique opportunity to obtain rare sub-to-sub footage at depth. Diving expedition to the wreck of the Bismarck, German`s famous WW-II battle ship, May - June 2002. The Bismarck is lying on the bottom of the North Atlantic almost 5 kilometers (about 15.994 feet) below the surface, 863 kilometers (466 nautical miles) from Brest, France and 693 kilometers (374 nautical miles) from Cobh, Ireland.

Technical specifications, MIR-I:
Two historical test dives of the submersibles MIR-l (6,170m) and MIR-2 (6,120m) were provided on December 13-15 1987 in the middle of the Atlantic 800 miles to the south from Canaries Islands. Depth in the area of the trials was 6000-6200 meters.

Weight in air (lb/kg):
Payload in air (kg): 250
Dimensions (L*W*H feet/meter): 25`7*12`6*9`10/7.8*3.8*3.0
Propulsion: 1*9kW main hydraulic motor at the stern, 2*2.5kW rotatable hydraulic thrusters at each side, Nickel-Cd  battery storage 100KWh, one main propeller
Speed (sub/knots): 5.0
Range (sub n/miles@knots):5-10 hours operational time
Diving depth (feet/meter): 19,680/6,000
1 pilot, 2 researchers

Construction: manned main sphere is Nickel based alloy steel 2.10m in diameter, 1*200mm diameter center porthole and 2*120mm sides portholes, 2*manipulator arms with 7 degrees of freedom

Image Country Year Description
USSR - Soviet Union 1990 Mir
Palau 1995 Mir-I 20,000 feet
Russia 1998 Expo 98 Lisbon.Submersible Mir-I in margin (miniature sheet)
Russia 2007 Submersible Mir- I, Russian Academy Of sciences, P.P.Shirshov Institute
Russia 9999 Ist anni` Deep water high latitude expedition "Arctic- 2007", Submersibles MIR-I & MIR-II, 02 August 2008
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