USS Paddle, SS-263, and the Shinyo Maru incident

USS Paddle (SS-263), Gato class
submarine, was laid down May 1st, 1942 by Electric Boat Co., Groton, CT; launched December 30, 1942.
After refit at Fremantle (Australia), Paddle made her fifth war patrol August 22 –September 25, encountering few contacts in her assigned area in the Sulu Sea. On September 7, 1944 she sent the cargo ship Shinyo Maru to the bottom and damaged another of her convoy. The Japanese cargo ship, Shinyo Maru, unmarked as a POW (Prisoner Of War) carrier and unknown to the Paddle was carrying more then 750 Allied POWs from the P.I. to Japan when sunk by the Paddle. The Japanese crew and patrol boats killed all but 83 of the Shinyo Maru`s POWs before they could reach shore. One survivor died on shore, one elected to remain in the P.I. and 81 returned home via Australia.

Placed in reserve at New London, she decommissioned February 1st, 1946. She recommissioned August 31, 1956 to prepare for transfer to Brazil under the Mutual Defense Assistance Program. Decommissioned and transferred January 18, 1957, she was simultaneously commissioned in the Brazilian Navy as Riachuelo (S-15). 
Paddle received eight battle stars for World War II service; her first seven war patrols were designated successful.

Image Country Year Description
Nauro 2005 USS Paddle, SS 263, on station off Nauru 17.10.1943 to 09.11.1943
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