US Navy USS Bogue, CVE-9

The Bogue class could operate as many as 28 aircraft, but it was more common to carry 19 to 24 aircraft. During Atlantic patrols, the Bogues would carry a mix of Wildcats and Avengers.

After an extensive shakedown and repair period Bogue joined the Atlantic Fleet in February 1943 as the nucleus of the pioneer American anti-submarine hunter-killer group.

During March and April 1943 she made three North Atlantic crossings but sank no submarines. On her fourth crossing, on May 22, she got her first submarine when one of her aircrafts sank the U-569.

Bogue left Argentina on May 30, for her 5th Atlantic mission, with four old destroyers, this time the orders were to offensively seek out U-boats attempting to intercept convoys bound for North Africa. Left to their own discretion, the Bogue group chose to support convoy GUS-7A bound for the United States from Gibraltar.

On the afternoon of June 4th, Bogue`s Avengers sighted and attacked three U-boats, but sank none. On the following day Avenger pilot Mc Auslan, teamed with a Wildcat flown by Lt. Richard Rogers, sank U-217.

On June 8, Avengers and Wildcats made repeated attacks on U-758, damaging her. That boat put up heavy antiaircraft fire from her new quadruple 20mm cannons. She eventually submerged, withstood depth charge attacks by destroyer Clemson, and escaped despite a flooded compartment.
U-118 and U-460 were directed to assist U-758, but their orders were deciphered and read by 10th Fleet. Bogue was ordered to intercept.

On June 12, seven aircraft from Bogue attacked and sank U-118 (a Type XB minelayer on supply duty) only 20 miles astern of the carrier. Fourteen depth bombs were used before she sank. A raft was dropped to the 17 survivors.

The Bogue group returned to Hampton Roads on June 20, 1943.

Specifications, USS Bogue, CVE-9:
Launched on January 15, 1942 by Seattle-Tacoma Shipbuilding Co., Tacoma, and commissioned on September 26, 1942, Captain G. E. Shortin command.
Displacement (tons): 7,800
Dimensions (L*B*D feet): 495`8*69`6*26`0
Machinery:  8,500hp Allis-Chambers, Geared Turbines, 1 screw
Speed (knots): 17.5
Complement: 890 officers and enlisted
Armament:  2*5"/51 main deck gun, 4*40mm AA guns, 10*20mm AA guns, 28 Aircrafts.
USS Bogue was the lead ship of a class of 11 escort carriers (CVE), originally classified AVG-9, but was changed to CVE-9, on July 15, 1943.
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Guyana 1993 USS Bogue enters service as first anti-submarine escort carrier
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