Kriegsmarine U-118, Unterseeboot Type-XB
The U-118 was one of eight Type XB boats designed for main-laying or as supply and transport submarines. Laid down by Germaniawerft, Kiel, on March 1st, 1940 and commissioned on December 6, 1941.
During her four war time patrols the U-118 was credited for sinking four ships for a total of 18,989tons and damaging two ships for a total of 11,945tons.
On June 12, 1943 she was sunk west of the Canary Islands, in position 30.49N, 33.49W by depth charges from eight Avenger aircraft of the US escort carrier USS Bogue.

Image Country Year Description
Guyana 1993 Grumman FM-2 Wildcat fighters from USS Bogue sinking German U-118
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