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Air letter, Polaris submarine in the Clyde  
To Commemorate the Launch of the first Type 2400 Patrol Class Submarine, HMS Upholder, 2ed Oct' 1986, Barrow-In-Furness
RNSC(6) 6-50th anni' of Operation "Frankton" 7-11 Dec' 1942, 11 Dec' 1992, Gibraltar  
HMS X-20, HMS X-23, X Craft- First Across On "D" Day, 40th anni' "D" Day, 6 June 1984, Portsmouth Hants  
HMS Churchill, Nuclear Fleet Submarine, First Commission, 15 July 1970, Barrow In furness  
RNCC(2) 1-To commemorate the loss of patrol submarine K-17, 31 January 1987, Edinburgh  
RNCC-To commemorate the safe return of HMS Triumph-26th Dec' 1939, 26 Dec' 1987, Plymouth  
RNCC(5) 3-To commemorate the sinking of U-864 by HMS Venturer-9th February 1945, 9 Feb' 1989, Edinburgh  
RNCC(6) 26-A tribute to the submariners who served in "S" class submarines in World War-II, 28 April 1990, Edinburgh  
RNCC(7) 8-Loss of HMS Unity-29th April 1940, 29 April 1991, Edinburgh  
2ed Polaris Sub keel laid (HMS Repulse, S-23, SSBN) 3 Sep' 1965, Barrow In Furness  
HMS Valient (S-102, SSN) 2ed British atomic submarine "Launched", 3 Dec' 1963, Barrow In Furness  
HMS Valient (S-102, SSN), on visit to Hamburg, June 28- July 3 1968, 30 June 1968, Hamburg  
Polaris A-3 Test fired from Eastern sea range HMS Resolution (S-22, SSBN), 6 March 1972, Cape Canaveral, Fl  
Contractors Sea Trials, HMS Courageous (S-50, SSN), carried on board, 8 June 1971, Clyde Submarine Base, Helensburgh  
RNSC(2) 1-75th anni' of launch of first submarine (Holland boat no.1) 2ed Oct' 1901, 2ed Oct' 1976, British Forces Postal Service  
RNSC 22-70th anni' to the launching of HMS Dreadnought (battleship) 10th February 1906, 10 February 1976, British Forces Postal Service  
RNCS(3) 21-40th anni' of sinking the Italian S/M Santorre Santarosa by MTB 260- 20 January 1943, 20 January 1983, British Forces Postal Service  
RNSC(5) 3-45th anni' of sinking Italian cruiser Giovanni Delle Bande Nere by HMS Urge 1st April 1942, 1st April 1987, British Forces Postal Service  
RNSC 12-30th anni' midget submarine attack on Tirpitz 22ed September 1943, 22 Sep' 1973, British Forces Postal Service  

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