The Dekabrist, D-1, by B.M. Malinin (1889-1949)

The first class of submarines design and built under the Soviet regime was the Dekabristclass (series I), six units, constructed by Ordzhonikidze Shipyard, as the Baltic Works was renamed at the time. The principal designer was B.M. Malinin and his team. The operational-tactical requirements for this class were formulated in 1923. The class was generally considered to be of inferior quality and all six of class underwent numerous repairs and alterations. The class was of a double –hull design with 7 compartments, riveted constructed. 

Laid down on March 5, 1927; launched on November 3, 1928, and commissioned on November 18, 1930. The Dekabrist was later on designated D-1, September 15, 1934.

In May 1933 she was shifted to the North by the White Sea-Baltic Sea channel, remained in service until 1940. She showed high seaworthiness in polar circumstances. The boat was lost with entire crew in a diving accident on November 13, 1940 in Molotovskiy Bay.

Specifications, Dekabrist D-1:
Double-hull design with seven compartments; riveted construction reported to have been good sea going vessels.

Displacement (srf/sub tons): 924/1,354
Dimensions (L*B*D feet): 249`4*21`0*12`6
Propulsion: 2*1,100hp MAN/Kolomna diesels, 2*525hp PG-20 electric motors, 2 electric creeping motors 50hp, 60*DK storage batteries, 2 shafts, three bladed propellers
Speed (srf/sub knots): 14/9
Range (srf/sub n/miles@knots): 3,600@14 or 7,500@9/132@2
Diving depth (feet): 295
Complement: 53 officers and crew
Torpedo: 6*21" (533mm) bow torpedo tubes, 2*21" stern torpedo tubes, total of 14 torpedoes
Mines: none
Armament: 1*100mm/51 cal. Main deck gun, 1*45mm/46 cal. K-21 AA gun, 1*7.62 machine-gun

A total of six boats were built under this class, three Dekabrist D-1, Narodovolyets D-2 and Krasnogvardyets D-3 were laid down on March 5, 1929 by Ordzhonikidze, Leningrad; launched in 1928-29 and commissioned during 1930-31.
Revolyutsioner D-4, Spartakovets D-5, and Yakobinets D-6 were laid down on April 14, 1927 by Marti Yard, Nikolayev; launched during 1929-30 and commissioned during 1931.

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Russia 1993 B.N.Malinin (1889-1949) and submarine Dekabrist/D-1,1928
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