Moan`s Queen II

Moan`s Queen II was a 1559 tone steam paddle ship owned by the Isle Of Man Steam Packet Company (IoMSP). Built by the barrow Shipbuilding Company and launched in 1885.

She served the IoMSPco from 1885 to 1929. During World War I she served as a troopship (from 1915) and is noted as having sunk a German U-boat.

On February 1917, while on passage from Southampton, England, to Le Havre, France, she was attacked by a submarine on the surface. A torpedo missed and the submarine then became caught in the port paddle wheel, flooded, and sank immediately-reported by Captain William
Cain, master of Mona`s Queen II.

The clime was probably an exaggeration and the U-boat involved in the incident was UC-26 (Matthias Graf von Schmettow).
UC-26 attacked Mona`s Queen II on February 6, 1917. The submarine was heavily damaged but returned to her base at Brugge on February 8, reporting that it had collided with a French paddle wheeler.

No U-boat is listed as lost on that date.

Specifications, Moan`s Queen II:
Steam paddle wheel liner/freighter

Displacement (tons):
Dimensions (feet):328`*38`3*14`5
Machinery: 5000hp
Speed (knots):19

Specifications, UC-26:

A costal mine laying submarine of UC-II type. Built by Vulcan, Hamburg and launched on June 22, 1916.

Displacement (srf/sub tons):
Dimensions (L*B*D meter): 49.35*5.22*3.68
Propulsion: 500hp diesel engine, 460hp electric
Speed (srf/sub knots): 11.6/7.0
Range (srf/sub n/miles@knots): un known
Diving depth (meter): 50
Complement:14 men
2*bow torpedo tubes, 1*stern torpedo tube, total of 7 torpedoes
Armament: 1*88mm main deck gun

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Isle Of Man 1980 Mona`s Queen-II sinking a U-Boat
Isle Of Man 1980 Mona's Queen-II sinking a U-Boat
Isle Of Man 1980 Mail boats of the Isle Of Man Steam Packet Co. (set of 6 stamps)
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