Ferre, Peruvian Navy`s first submarine
Two submarines, according to the well known French submarine designer Maxime Laubeuf (1864-1939), were ordered in 1910 and constructed at Schneider, Chalons Sur Saone in France.
The French-made Laubeuf Class, Ferre, delivered October 1912, and Palacios,delivered October 1913, named after the Navy`s heroes of the Huascar that died at the battle of Angamos.
Ferre had two 360hp diesel engines for surface running and two 180hp electric motors supported by two groups of 96 battery cells for submergence, two shafts. Operated by a crew of 11 she could dive some 30 minutes at 3 knots, armed with 4 torpedo tubes and a total of 8 torpedoes.
The Ferre was decommissioned in 1919 and scrapped in 1926.

Image Country Year Description
Peru 1983 Submarine Ferre-19 October 1913
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