Seabus, a tourist submersible
The French COMEX Marine Parks developed a unique tourist submersible design-an acrylic transparent hull vessel. It provides panoramic vision for 45- 50 passengers.
The Seabus, renamed Deepstar in 1994, can be arranged to operate in 3 modes: "swimming" on the sea-surface with the transparent hull submerged, "tethered"-diving while connected by wires to an above head support vessel, and on underwater rail-tracks.

Technical specifications, Seabus:

Displacement (tons): 88.5
Weight in air (lb/kg):
Payload in air (kg): un known
Dimensions (L*W*H feet/meter): 62`0*13`0*18`0/19.0*4.0*5.6
Propulsion: six fixed thrusters total 7.5kW, 2*vertical, 2*axial, 2*transverse, all lead battery operated
Speed (srf/sub knots):
3.0/1.0 cruise,3.0 max
Range (sub n/miles@knots):
6 hours at 1.5 knots
Diving depth, max (feet/meter): 320/100
Operating depth (feet/meter):
2 crew members + 45 passengers
: side viewports cylinders, bow and stern viewports 2.20m all transparent acrylic.
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Image Country Year Description
Monaco 1992 Seabus,turist submersible
Monaco 1992 Seabus,turist submersible
Cayman Is. 1993 Tourist submersible
Barbados 1998 Atlantis - Tourist submarine
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