Star III, a research submersible
Two DRVs- Deep Research Vehicles (manned submersibles) were built by the Electric Boat Corporation at their Groton, CT shipyard, Star II-delivered June 30, 1966 and Star III-delivered 15 days earlier.
Now days the Star III can be seen on display in front of Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego, California.
Technical specifications, Star II:
Pressure hull: a 5 ft diameter sphere 5/8 inch thick HY-80 steel.
Length: 17.7 ft.
Weight: 4,700kg.
Payload:150kg. of scientific equipment
Battery: Lead-acid storage of 8 hr, life support capability is 48 hr.
Propulsion: 2*2hp vertically mounted hovering variable electric motors, 2*2hp horizontally mounted variable speed stern thrusters.
Speed: 3 knots max.
Operation depth: 1,200 ft.
Complement: a two man submersible vehicle
Construction: six 5 inch diameter viewports.

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Image Country Year Description
Congo, Rep. 1993 Star III (Research vehivle- DRV) and scuba divers (DSV Triest in margine)
Cambodia 1993 Dolphin and submersible Star III
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