Ironclad name Monitor

Not really a submarine but merely a submersible-a low freeboard type of vessel.

An American Civil War iron ship designed by John Ericsson and launched on January 30, 1862. Monitor was a relatively small, single-turreted vessel mounting two 11-inch Dahlgren smooth bores as her main armament. Her size, low power and speed, and certain design defects limited her to service on protected waters such as harbors and rivers.
On March 9, 1862 the USS Monitor engaged the Confederate ironclad, CSS Virginia (Merrimack), in battle at Hampton Roads,  Virginia.

This battle was a pivotal event in naval history. The Monitor proved to be the supreme naval ship, and in one battle changed all subsequent naval designs and tactics-signifying the end of wooden battle ships. The Monitor was lost in a storm off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina on December 31, 1862. In 1973 the wreck of the Monitor was located off the North Carolina coast.

Because of Monitor’ ssuccess, the United States built a large number of this heavily armored, turreted, low freeboard type-which gained the generic title `Monitors`.

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Image Country Year Description
Grenada-Grenadines The US Monitor Passaic
Grenada 1987 Monitor and Merrimack 1862.The battle of Ironclads
Bhutan 1989 USS Monitor 1862
United States 1995 Monitor and Virginia
Uganda 2000 1861-65 Civil war in the U.S. the Monitor and Virginia
Grenada 2002 John Ericsson 1803-1899.Inventor of the USS Monitor 1862
Grenada 2002 U.S. gun boats on the James river.USS Monitor in backround
Antigua & Barbuda 2002 The Monitor battleship (souvenir sheet)
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