JAGO, manned research submersible

JAGO, a manned submersible devoted primarily to research in the marine sciences, is certified to a maximum operating depth of 400 m by the Germanischer Lloyd (Hamburg). The highly maneuverable free swimming vehicle can accommodate a scientist/observer and a pilot and allows excellent visibility through two large acrylic dome ports.

JAGO can be launched and recovered from larger boats and vessels with sufficient crane capacity.

JAGO is equipped with fluxgate compass, navigation and tracking system, underwater telephone, temperature probes, sonar, still and video cameras, eight function manipulator arm for handling various sampling devices to accomplish almost any underwater work from within the sub.

Built, maintained, and operated since 1989 by an experienced and small effective expert team. Designed by Jurgen Schauer and Hans Fricke, Dr. Hans Fricke, of the Max-Planck Institute, is the leader of the JAGO dive team

Technical specifications, JAGO:
typical applications are benthic and/or mid-water observations, photo/video documentation, and collection of organisms, bottom surveys, search, salvage and recovery, and environmental studies.

Weight in air (lb/kg): 6,690/3,033
Payload in air (kg): 200
Dimensions (L*W*H feet/meter): 10`6*6`7*8`2/3.2*2.0*2.5
Propulsion: 3*reversible stern-thrusters (horizontal), 2*side-thrusters 360° rotatable, 3* battery sets, capacity 540Ah-24Volt DC
Speed (sub/knots): 1.0
Range (sub n/miles@knots): 5-7 hours operational time
Diving depth (feet/meter): 1,300/400
Complement: 1pilot, 1 researcher

Construction: pressure hull thickness; of cylinder 15mm, of half-spheres 18mm,  TST E 355 - H II (1.45.71) steel, view-ports; acrylic plastic, thickness 50-80mm, diameter of front bow-window 70cm, hatch-window 45cm, 1*hydraulic manipulator, 8 degrees of freedom and exchangeable claws, plankton and sediment sampling.

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Image Country Year Description
Turks and Caicos Is. 1997 Submersible JAGO in margin (RSV)
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