CSS H.L. Hunley and the USS Husatonic
Hunley`s consortium built a third submarine about 40 feet long. Crew: probably nine, eight to crank the propeller and at least one to steer and operate the sea cocks and hand pumps to control water level in the ballast tanks.

The Confederates sent the submarine to Charleston to try to break the Federal blockade. It sank almost immediately, perhaps swamped by the wake of a passing steamer, and some crew members were lost. Confederate Commanding General P.G.T. Beauregard became disenchanted, but Horace Hunley persuaded him to allow `one more try` under Hunley`s personal supervision. The boat sank again, killing Hunleyand the crew.
The boat was found and raised, and two members of the original team who had not been aboard when it sank harassed Beauregard often enough that, after "many refusals and much discussion", he agreed to allow one more attempt, but not as a submarine. Now named CSS H.L. Hunley in honor of her spiritual father, the boat would now bear a spar torpedo and operate awash as a David.

On February 17, 1864 after months of training and operational delays, the spar-torpedo-armed CSS H.L. Hunley attacked the USS Housatonic, which bears the dubious distinction of being the first warship ever sunk by a submarine. Shortly after the attack, CSS Hunley disappeared with all hands, not to be found until 1995 (by a team led by the author Clive Cussler), about 1,000 yards from the scene of action. With hatches open for desperately needed ventilation, the boat may have become swamped by the wake of a steamer rushing to the aid of the Housatonic. In summer 2000, Hunley was recovered and is now undergoing conservation and study.

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Image Country Year Description
United States CSS Hunley, Mobile AL, 6 Oct' 2001
Grenada-Grenadines 1987 Confederate States Submarine Hunley 1864.First sub' to sink an enemy ship
Somalia 2000 Submarine.The Hunley 1864 (souvenir sheet)
Palau 2000 CSS Hunley, 1864 The firest submarine to sink a warship during US civil war
Grenada 2002 USS Housatonic.17 Feb' 1864 first warship to be sunk by submarine
Grenada 2002 CSS H.L.Hunley.The firest submarine to sink a warship
Comoros 2008 Pioneer 1861- Privateer two man submarine (H.L.Hunley, US Confederate states)
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