Nautile, a Franch manned submersible

The Nautile is a manned submarine designed for observing and operating at depths reaching 6,000 meters, belongs and operated by IFERMER-
Institut Francais de Recherche pour l`exploitation de la Mer (French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea). The Nautile is capable of exploring 97% of the world`s ocean floors, commissioned in 1984 and normally supported by the research vessels Nadir or l`Atalante.

The Nautile system provides the following functional features:
Direct viewing, thanks to three portholes affording a wide range of vision, along with six flood lights, object detection on panoramic sonar, manipulation and sampling using two retractable arms and an isothermal basket.

Technical specifications, Nautile:
Since the Nautile is quite lightweight for the performances it supplies, it can be deployed from a support ship of relatively light tonnage and has excellent maneuverability, it includes a small, telecontrolled robot called Robin that can inspect and image areas inaccessible to the submersible itself.

Weight in air (lb/kg):
Payload in air (kg): 200
Dimensions (L*W*H feet/meter): 26`3*8`10*12`6/8.00*2.70*3.80
Propulsion: 1*adjustable axial thruster main electric motor, 2*vertical thrusters,1* transversal thruster forward, 1*transversal thruster aft, all battery storage operated, one main propeller
Speed (sub/knots): 2.0
Range (sub n/miles@knots): 5-7 hours operational time
Diving depth (feet/meter): 19,680/6,000
3 crew members

titanium alloy manned sphere 2.10m in diameter, 3*120mm diameter portholes, 1*manipulator arm with 5 degrees of freedom,1*manipulator arm with 7 degrees of freedom, 1*sampling basket.
In 1987, Nautile, whose manipulation system includes two mechanical arms and a retractable sampling basket, was used to recover thousands of artifacts from the Titanic.

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Image Country Year Description
Palau 1995 Nautile 7,000 feet
Monaco 2001 36th int' commission for exploration of the Mediteranean.Nautile submersible
Guinea 2006 Nautile exploring the wreck of the Titanic
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