US Navy`s DSRV-Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicles

The US Navy posses two DSRVs; Mystic (DSRV-1), built by Lockheed Missiles and Space Co. commissioned on August 7, 1971, and Avalon (DSRV-2), built by Sunnyvale, CA, and commissioned on July 28, 1972.
The DSRV is intended to provide a quick-reaction worldwide, all-weather capability for the rescue of survivors in a disabled submarine. Transportable by road, aircraft, surface ship, and specially modified SSNs. The carrying submarine will launch and recover the DSRV while submerged and, if necessary, while under ice.
Technical specifications, DSRV:

Displacement (srf/sub tons): 30/38
Dimensions (L*B feet/meters): 49`2*8`0/15.0*2.4
Propulsion: electric motors; silver/zinc batteries; 1*propeller (movable control shroud); 4*ducted thrusters (2 fwd and  2 aft)
Speed (knots): 4.0
Range (n/miles@knots): 24@3
Diving depth (feet/meters): 5,000/1,525
Complement: 4 (pilot, co-pilot, 2 rescue sphere operators) plus 24 rescued men
Sonars: Search and navigational sonar, and closed-circuit television (supplemented by optical devices) are installed in the DSRV to determine the exact location of a disabled submarine within a given area and for pinpointing the submarine`s escape hatches. Side-looking sonar can be fitted for search missions.

Construction: The outer hull is constructed of formed fiberglass. Within this outer hull are three interconnected spheres which form the main pressure capsule. Each sphere is 7.5 ft in diameter and is constructed of HY-140 steel. The forward sphere contains the vehicle`s control equipment and is manned by the pilot and co-pilot. The centre and after spheres accommodate 24 passengers and a third crewman. Under the DSRV`s centre sphere is a hemispherical protrusion or `skirt` which seals over the disabled submarine`s hatch. During the mating operation the skirt is pumped dry to enable personnel to transfer.

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Image Country Year Description
United States US Navy Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle, Mystic DSRV-1, dive no.295 on 6 Aug' 1979, USS Navy Sperry AS-12, Aug' 21, 1979
United States US Navy Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle, DSRV-1, dive no.294 on 3 April 1979, USS Navy Sperry AS-12, May 11, 1979
United States US Navy Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle, DSRV-2, dive no.197 on 2 Nov' 1976, San Diego CA, Nov' 2, 1976
Palau 1995 US Navy's DSRV 6,000 feet
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