Deep Quest, research manned submersible

The deep submersible vehicle Deep Quest was designed, built, and operated by Lockheed Missiles & Space Company.  Its broad program of research was available to both commercial activities and the U.S. Navy.  The submersible was designed and equipped for a variety of missions, including salvage, seafloor survey and inspection to include coring, shear strength measurement, ocean bottom mapping, color photography, and other special assignments.

Built in Sunnyvale, California, Deep Quest was launched on June 4, 1967, and it operated from Lockheed`s laboratory in San Diego. Deep Quest holds the depth record of 8,310 feet for U.S.-built submersibles; it planted a United States flag on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean on this historic dive on February 28, 1968. 

Deep Quest
made its last dive on September 9, 1980 and it is currently on display at the Naval Undersea Museum, Silverdale, Washington.

Technical specifications:

Displacement (tons): 52.0
Weight in air (lb/kg):
un known
Payload in air (kg): 750
Dimensions (L*W*H feet/meter): 40`0*19`0*23`0/12.5*5.75*7.0
Propulsion: eight fixed thrusters total 230kW, 2*vertical, 2*horizontal, 4*lateral, all lead-acid battery operated
Speed (sub knots): 0-3.5 max
Range (sub n/miles@knots): 36@3
Diving depth (feet/meter):
2 pilots and 2-3 scientist/observers

Construction: The manned compartment consists of two intersecting spheres welded together with a 20-inch-diameter opening between the two and a 20-inch- diameter opening (hatch) atop the aft sphere. The spheres are 7 feet in outside diameter, 0.895 inch thick.
For direct viewing, Deep Quest incorporates two viewports: one in the forward hull looks down and forward; one in the aft hull looks directly down through a hatch located on the bottom of the aft hull. The aft viewport is equipped with an optical remote viewing system incorporating an external “fish-eye” lens. A manipulator arm is mounted in front.

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Image Country Year Description
United States Lockheed Missiles & Space Company- Deep Quest (deep research submersible vehicle), dive no.191 on 20 Sep' 1978, San Diego CA, Sep' 25, 1978
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