Beaver IV, a Submersible Diver Lockout

Beaver IV was built by Rockwell International in Anaheim, it has lockout capability, two internal pressure spheres are connected by a rigid tunnel much like a dumbbell.

SDL-I (Submersible Diver Lockout)
SDL-I was developed for the Canadian Navy in 1971 by International Hydrodynamics Corporation of Vancouver, BC. The hull is the sister hull to Beaver IV, developed by Rockwell International.

The role of the SDL-I is to perform missions, with or without the deployment of divers, such as underwater rescue, underwater salvage, oceanographic support, underwater research, and inspection of the seabed.

Technical specifications, SDL-I:

Weight in air (lb/kg): 29,100/13,200
Payload in air (kg): 900
Dimensions (L*W*H feet/meter): 26`0*10`0*12`0/7.95*3.05*3.70
Propulsion: 5*independently controlled thrusters, mounted in fixed positions;2*vertical, 2*horizontal, 1*lateral each is driven by a 5hp 120v DC brushless motor, power is provided by lead-acid batteries
Speed (sub/knots): 2.5
Range (sub n/miles@knots): 6-8 hours operation time
Diving depth (feet/meter):
Complement: 2 pilot, 3 researchers/divers

Construction: 1*36"! Forward hemispherical viewport, 3*6" in diver lock-out compartment, manipulators-1*7 degrees of freedom, 1*4 degrees of freedom.

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Image Country Year Description
Palau 1995 Beaver-IV 2,00 feet
Antigua & Barbuda 2000 Beaver Mark IV
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