Gavia, The Great Northern Diver

The Gavia, Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), is a fully modular, man portable vehicle available in depth ratings in excess of 1000 meters and custom vehicles with depth ratings of 2000 meters.

It has been in development from 1997 when the Gavia program was started as a joint development with the University of Iceland.
The Base Unit
The Gavia AUV system developed by Hafmynd LTD, is a commercially available fully modular compact AUV capable of both very shallow water and deep water operations. The Gavia base vehicle is a mobile sensor platform that can be configured on deck for a particular task or operating condition by the addition of one or more Gavia sensor, navigation, or battery modules, which are inserted into the vehicle and locked in place by means of a unique twist lock system.

: Anodized aluminum alloy, fully modular with Gavia quick lock system
Size (Base Unit ): Overall length 1,700 mm’, diameter 20mm’
Operational depth: 200 m, 500 m, 1000 m, 2000 m available
Weight (Base Unit ): 48 kg’ in air
Speed & Range: 1 to 3 m/s (2 - 6 knots) / Range depends on configuration
Weight (Base Unit ): 48 kg’ in air
Battery Technology: Li-Ion rechargeable or Lithium primary.
Propulsion: A high-efficiency faired propeller driven by a powerful brush-less DC motor. Aft of the propeller are four independent control planes controlling the vehicle attitude. The control planes are driven by four independent servo motors, enabling active roll control for increased stability

- Iridium satellite link
- Fast wireless LAN

- GPS (operational while surfaced)
- Magneto-inductive electronic compass

- Ocean research and monitoring
-  Environmental Research and Monitoring
-  Fish Farming and Fisheries
- Offshore Industries
- Military/Police/Coast Guards

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Image Country Year Description
Iceland 2008 Gavia- AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) made by Hafmynd, Island
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