Epaulard, a French AUV

AUVs are untethered mobile instrumentation platforms which have actuators, sensors, and on-board intelligence to successfully complete survey and sampling tasks. Unmanned operation without a tether both offers great opportunities and difficult technical challenges.

The French AUV-Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, Epaulard ("Killer Whale") was built by IFREMER-Institut Francais de Recherche pour l`exploitation de la Mer (French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea), manufactured in 1980, is considered a first generation deep dive AUV.

ish shaped, 2,900kg it has been designed for photographic and bathymetric survey of sea-bed, Its untethered operations at abyssal depths have been rated at 6,000 meters.

It navigates at constant altitude over the sea-bed, remote-controlled by means of acoustic commands and tracked by an ultrashort baseline system. A vertical thruster allows it to pass over obstacles

Can be seen on display infront of the IFREMER institut.

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Image Country Year Description
Turks and Caicos Is. 1997 1979.Epaulard robot survey craft (AUV)
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