Avro Shackleton MR.3

Designed and built as the RAF’s first dedicated four-engine long-range maritime patrol aircraft, the Avro Shackleton was the final expression of Avro’s classic heavy bombers. Retaining the wing and landing gear of the Lincoln, the Shackleton had a larger, rounder and shorter fuselage, which provided space for a crew of 10. Armament included two 20mm cannon in the nose, two in a dorsal turret, and two machine guns in the tail plus bombs or depth charges, depending on the mission.

Entering service in 1951, the plane underwent two primary modifications over the years. The MR.2 gained a semi-retractable ‘dustbin’ radome, allowing a 360-degree scan as well as changes allowing the plane to fly with three engines feathered. The Shackleton MR.3 added greater overall capabilities with improved ailerons, wing tip tanks and better crew quarters.

Specifications, MR.3:

Engines: Four 2,455 hp Rolls-Royce Griffon 57A, inline piston engines
Weight, takeoff (lbs): 98,000 
Wing Span (feet): 119`10
Length (feet): 92`6     
Speed (mph): 302         
Ceiling (feet): 19,200
Range (miles): 3,600
Armament: Two 20 mm cannon in nose, up to 10,000 pounds of weapons in under-fuselage bomb bay.  

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Image Country Year Description
Bahamas, The 1993 Shackleton over U-Boat
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