The Beatles Yellow Submarine
Not a real submarine but an animated (cartoon) classic movie released in 1968.
The rock album with the soundtrack was released on 13 January, 1969.
The album:

The only Beatles album that could really be classified as inessential, mostly because it wasn`t really a proper album at all, but a soundtrack that only utilized four new Beatles songs.
The movie:

At the time The Beatles, under contract, owed a film to United Artists. They were not in the mood for making another film and most of all they didn`t have any idea for one.
They had one year to resolve this problem. Al Brodax, the guy that created the TV cartoons, went to them and said `Look, I know how you can fulfill this United Artists thing ... we can do it like we did the cartoons on TV, you won`t have to do anything.` The Beatles balked at the idea of those cheesy cartoons making it to the big screen, but Brian Epstein saw it as the only way to bail them out with U.A., so a deal was struck to create the impossible: a full-length animated Beatles film to be delivered within a year.
The plot of the movie:

80,000 leagues under the sea, there was a wonderous, magical place called Pepperland, where all was color and music and beauty.
Then one day, the Blue Meanies came drained all of the color and music and beauty from Pepperland and with a bubble imprisoned Sgt. Pepper`s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Old Fred, the only person in Pepperland not harmed by the Blue Meanies, then took the Yellow Submarine to Liverpool, where he found the Beatles.

Then after a wonderous journey through the seas of Monsters, Time, Nowhere, Science, Consumer Products, Holes and the Sea of Green Phrenology, they came to Pepperland, where, as Sgt. Pepper`s Lonely Hearts Club Band, they brought back the color and beauty and music to Pepperland, and destroyed the power of the Blue Meanies.

An interesting footnote in the history of animation, Yellow Submarine stands alone as the only non-Disney animated feature film of the 1960s to enjoy a degree of both commercial and critical success.

Beatles wanted nothing to do with the movie, until they realized how good it was.

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Burundi 1994 John Lennon.The Beatles Yellow Submarine
Burundi 1994 Rock stars (miniature sheet of 4 stamps)
Chad 1998 The Beatles.Yellow Submarine in margin (souvenier sheet)
United States 1999 The 20th century (6th series). The beatles yellow submarine
Tajikistan 2000 The Beatles Yellow Submarine
Tajikistan 2000 The Beatles Yellow Submarine
Tajikistan 2000 The Beatles Yellow Submarine
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Kyrgyzstan 2000 The Beatles Yellow Submarine
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