Sikorsky/Westland SH-3 Sea King

The SH-3 Sea King is a twin-engine helicopter, widely spread in western navies, used for Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW), Search And Rescue (SAR), Airborne Early Warning (AEW) and some different other missions.

The Sea King helicopter is manufactured by Augusta Westland in the UK. Development started in the late 1950s under license from Sikorsky. Westland initially developed the S-61 as an anti-submarine warfare helicopter (or HAS, Helicopter Anti-Submarine) for the UK Royal Navy. Sea King has been in service for more than 25 years.

The modern Mk-6
Weapons: The helicopter can carry four torpedoes, either Mark 46, Whitehead A244S or Sting Ray torpedoes. It can also be armed with four Mark 11 depth charges. The helicopter can carry two anti-ship missiles, either Sea Eagle or Exocet.

Anti Submarine warfare:
The helicopter is equipped with two Type 4 marine markers, two Mark 2 smoke floats, and mini-sonobuoys. BAE Systems Type 2069 sonar with an AQS-902G-DS acoustic signal processor provides the capability to carry out dipping sonar operations to a depth of 700ft. The magnetic anomaly detector is the AN/ASQ-504(V) AIMS supplied by CAE Electronics. The Thomson Thorn Super Searcher radar is installed on the Mark 6 fleet of Sea Kings built for the UK Fleet Air Arm.


Engines: 2*Rolls Royce Gnome H.1400-1T turbo shaft engines, which provide 2700 hp
Weight, takeoff (kg): 9,800
Rotor diameter (meter): 20
Length (meter): 22.2
Speed (knots): 125
Range (km): 1,500
Crew: 2 pilots + 1 observer + 1 Aircrew man

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