Libyan Navy Submarine Al Khyber 315 (Soviet Foxtrot class)

Six Foxtrot class, Soviet type 641, submarines were delivered to the Libyan Navy from the USSR during 1976 and 1983. Al Khyber 315 was commissioned in April 1982 as one of the six Al Badr class as they are called.

Four of the six boats have been decommissioned by the end of the 1990s dew to poor maintenance; they have been cannibalized in order to keep the two last submarines going as long as possible.  Al Khyber 315 and Al Hunain 316 are being operated by ill-trained crews, poorly maintained and are considered surface going only submarines/non operational.

Image Country Year Description
Libya 1982 Submarine Al Khyber 315, Foxtrot class (type 641)
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