Indian Navy Submarine INS Vela S-40 (Soviet Foxtrot class)

Eight Foxtrot class, Soviet type 641, submarines were delivered to the Indian Navy from the USSR during 1968 and 1974. INS Vela S-40 was commissioned in August 1973.

During Indian`s Navy maneuvers, conducted in 1990, the Vela collided with the Kashin class destroyer INS Rana D-52, 17 sailors perished.

Other Foxtrot delivered to the Indian navy:
INS Kursura S-20 (Dec` 1970), INS Karanj S-21 (Oct` 1970), INS Kandheri S-22 (Jan` 1969), INS Kalvari S-23 (Jun` 1968), INS Vagir S-41 ( Nov` 1973), INS Vagli S-42 (Aug` 1974), INS Vagsheer S-43 (Dec` 1974)

Most of the submarines were decommissioned in the late 1990s and beginning of the millennium.

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Image Country Year Description
India 1984 INS Vela S-40,Soviet Foxtrot class (type 641)
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