Italian Navy Toti class, Enrico Toti S-506
The Toti class were submarines built for the Italian Navy in the 1960`s. They were the first submarines designed and built in Italy since World War II. The design is comparable to the German Type 205 submarines and they were succeeded by the Sauro class submarine
On 13 August, 2005 the Enrico Toti S-506 moored in Milan’s Leonardo de Vinci National Science and Technology Museum.

World War II and the first Enrico Toti
The first Enrico Toti was an Italian submarine of the Balilla class. The boat was laid down on 26 January, 1925 at the Odero-Terni-Orlando Naval Yard, located in, La Spezia. She was one of four in her class, launched on 14 April, 1928 and commissioned on 19 September. Her name pays homage to Major Enrico Toti, a First World War combatant posthumously awarded the Italian Gold Medal. The submarine is notable as being the only Italian submarine to have sunk a Royal Navy submarine, the HMS Triad, during the Second World War.
HMS Triad was a T class submarine of the Royal Navy that had set sail from Malta on 9 October, 1940 under the command of Lieutenant-Commander G.S. Salt. On the night of 15 October, off the Gulf of Taranto, she encountered the Enrico Toti, commanded by Lieutenant-Commander Bandino Bandini, all hands lost.
Specifications, Toti class, Enrico Toti S-506:
The boat was laid down on April 15, 1965; launched March 12, 1967; commissioned January 22, 1968 and decommissioned on July 1992. These boats were small and designed as "costal hunter killer" submarines for employment under NATO command in the central Mediterranean. As a result, their size was kept to a minimum and long range was not a requirement- the Totis were small and highly maneuverable with a “teardrop” hull.

Displacement (srf/sub tons):
Dimensions (L*B*D feet/meter): 151’6*15’5*13’1/46.20*4.70*4.00
Propulsion: 2*1,100hp Fiat/Mercedes- Benz 820N/I diesel engines, 1*2,200hp electric motors for submergence driving, one shaft
Speed (srf/sub knots):
Range (srf/sub n/miles@knots): 3,000@5
Diving depth (feet/meter): 680/300
Complement: 4 officers and 22 enlisted
Torpedo: 4*21” (533mm) bow torpedo tubes, total of 8 torpedoes
Mines: none
Armament: none


Only 4 boats were built in this class,all by Italcantieri, Monafalcone. S-505 Attilio Bagnolini - completed 1968 - decommissioned 1991, S-506 Enrico Toti - completed 1968 - decommissioned 1992, S-513 Enrico Dandolo - completed 1968 - decommissioned 1993, S-514 Lazaro Mocenigo - completed 1969 - decommissioned 1993.

Image Country Year Description
Italy 2005 Submarin Enrico Toti, S-506, 07.12.2005, Milano Filatelico
Italy 2005 Submarin Enrico Toti, S-506, re location to National Museum of Sci` and Tec` in Milan
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