Turkish Navy Atilay class, Doganay S-351 (German Type 209)

The order for three German 209 Type 1200 was placed with HDW, all laid down between 1972 and 1975, a follow on collaboration between the German shipyard and a Turkish shipyard led to the construction of three more hulls under the Atilay class.

TDC Doganay
was laid by the Turkish Gölcük Shipyard, Izmit, on March 21, 1980;
launched November 11, 1983 and commissioned on November 16, 1984.

The German 209, built according to IKL`s design, is considered to be the most successful and numerous modern diesel-electric submarines available, currently operated by 12 nations.

Specifications, for Type 209/1, 1200 tons:
The Type 209 is a relatively conventional SSK design, based on a single hull, with two ballast tanks and forward and after trim tanks. Sensor and weapon specifications differ widely.

Displacement (srf/sub tons):
Dimensions (L*B*D feet): 200`8*20`3*17`9
Propulsion: diesel-electric 4*MTU 12V 493 TY60 diesels 2,400hp, 4*Siemens alternators 1,7MW, 1*Siemens electric motors 4,600hp, 480 Hagen/Varta battery cells,1 shaft
Speed (srf/sub knots):
Range (srf/sub n/miles@knots): snorting 12,000@4 or 7,600@8/380@4 or 230@8
Diving depth (feet): 820
Complement: 9 officers 29 enlisted
Missile: none
Torpedo: 8*21" (533 mm) bow torpedo tubes, total of 14 torpedoes, swim-out discharge
Mines: none
Armament: none

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Image Country Year Description
Turkey 1986 Centenary of Turkish Submarine Force- SSK Doganay S-351, Atilay class (type 209)
Turkey 2004 TCG Atilay S-347, Atilay class (type 209)
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