Greek Navy Okeanos S-118, Glavkos class (German Type 209)

The Hellenic Navy was the first to order the German Type 209 submarine, designed by IKL and constructed by HDW, Kiel.

The first batch of four, Type 209/0, 1100 tons entered service in 1971-72, with the lead of class Glavkos S-110. Later on a second batch of four was ordered, Type 209/1, 1200 tons entering service in 1979-80.

In 1989 it was decided to perform a major overhaul and upgrade to the first batch, they now have the most advanced electronics in their class, as well as Sub Harpoon capability (to use anti-ship missiles while submerged). Modernization for the second batch is scheduled for 2002-08.

Okeanos S-118
belongs to the second batch, laid down on October 1, 1976 in Howaldswerke, Kiel, launched November 16, 1978 and commissioned November 15, 1979.

Image Country Year Description
Greece 1999 Submarine Okeanos S-118, SSK Glavkos class (type 209/1)
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