German Type 206/207
After the tonnage limitation, imposed on Germany at the end of WW-II, was raised to 450 tons the German navy embarked on the design of an improved class of submarines, Based on the Type 201/205 IKL, Ingenieurkontor Lübeck, designed the 206 which would take into account experience with the earlier boats and which would incorporate improvements in sensors and weapons.

Specifications, Type 206/207:
The Type 206/7 is a small attack submarine SSK, diesel-powered. The hull design is based on Type 201/5 and that of the war time Type XXIII. The need to keep displacement to a minimum necessitated a single-hull construction, with the main ballast tanks at the fore and after end of the submarine. The large fin, which has a prominent conning tower at it`s forward end, is needed in order to incorporate a full outfit of retractable masts and sensors. The bow is of near-circular cross-section, making possible an outfit of no fewer than eight bow tubes of the large diameter, `swim-out` type. The silver-zinc battery developed by Hagen/Varta for these submarines has twice the capacity of other battery cells of the period and a very fast reload cycle-resulting in a shorter snorkeling periods. The forward hydroplanes are curved and fully retractable, and are used alternately, one to produce a bow-up and the other a bow-down angle.   

Displacement (srf/sub tons):
Dimensions (L*B*D feet): 159`4*15`1*14`8
Propulsion: diesel-electric 2*MTU 12V 493 AZ80 GA 31L diesels 1,200hp, 2*Siemens alternators 810KW, 1*Siemens electric motors 1,800hp, Hagen/Varta battery cells,1 shaft
Speed (srf/sub knots):
Range (srf/sub n/miles@knots): 4,500@5/un known
Diving depth (feet): 490
Complement: 4 officers 18 enlisted
Missile: none
Torpedo: 8*21" (533 mm) bow torpedo tubes, total of 8 torpedoes-no reloads
GRP container secured outside the hull at each side. Each container holds a mine belt of 12 mines.
Armament: none

A total of 18 units were built for the Deutsche Marine during the years 1971-74. Construction wasshared bythe two Germanshipyards, Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft (HDW) shipyard in Kiel and Rheinstahl Nordseewerke, Emden. The Type 207 were built for the Royal Norwegian Navy RNN,15 units 1961-67, with extended diving depth, 650 feet,  known as Kobben class. Four, modernized units, were sold to Denmark in 1987-91 (Tumleren class).

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