Indonesia, Soviet Whiskey class submarines
Indonesia established its submarine service in 1959 and began taking delivery of 14 Soviet Whiskey class submarines; Alugoro, Bramastra, Hendradjala, Nagabanda, Nagarangsang, Nanggala, Pasopati, Tjakra, Tjandrasa, Tjundmani, Trisula, Widjajadanu, plus two others. All boats were delivered from 1959 to 1962; Nanggala and Tjakra were purchased via Poland in August 1959. At least two of these units were procured only for spare parts.
As a Soviet client state, the Sukarno regime Indonesia operated up to fourteen Soviet Whiskey Class. After the Sukarno fell in 1967, the Indonesian Navy started to turn to Western technology and out of Soviet equipment.
The Indonesian Submarine fleet of today consists of two Cakra Class (German Type 209/2 1400); Cakra 401 and Nanggala 402.

The last of the Whiskeys were inactive around 1990.Fh

Image Country Year Description
Indonesia 1964 Indonesian Navy
Indonesia 1964 Indonesian submarine of Soviet Whiskey class (type 613)
Indonesia 1964 Indonesian Navy (set of 3 stamps)
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