Soviet November class, Project 627

Western designated November class/Soviet Kit, Project 627 began with a 1952 requirement to develop a strategic attack submarine for firing a large nuclear tipped torpedo at coastal American cities. With the success of strategic missile programs, including submarine launched cruise missiles; Project 627 was re-oriented as an attack submarine. The first two units (K-3 & K-14) were built to the Project 627 design, with subsequent units built to the more combat-capable Project 627A specification. Unlike the first two submarines, these were fully combat capable, equipped with the combat system of the Project 641 Foxtrot class diesel-electric attack submarines.

Several units of this class suffered reactor accidents; one Project 645 ZhMT submarine was built. Commissioned on October 30, 1963, K-27 was a modified November class SSN equipped with two VT-1 type liquid metal (lead-bismuth) cooled reactors. It was modified to test the reactors that were intended for use on the high-speed Alfa class submarines. During sea trials on May 14, 1968, a sudden and unexplained loss of reactor power occurred. Radioactive gases began to leak into the reactor compartment, and nine members of the crew died from radiation sickness. K-27 was never returned to service.
In 1968, a Soviet November class nuclear submarine surprised the US Navy by keeping pace with a high-speed (31knots) task force led by the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Enterprise. The next year, responding to the `November surprise`, the US Navy initiated development of the new Los Angeles class of fast attack boats.

Specifications, November/Kit class, Project 627:
Double-hull configuration with a highly streamlined design and a small, streamlined sail structure. The steel hull was divided into nine compartments. Designed under the direction of Engineer-Capitain 1st Rank V.N. Peregudov.

Displacement (srf/sub tons):
Dimensions (L*B*D feet): 358`7*29`10*25`3
Propulsion: 2*70MWt VM-A Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR), 2*17,500hp steam turbine, two shafts (4 or 6 bladed propellers)
Speed (sub knots): 30+
Range (srf/sub miles@knots): not relevant
Diving depth (feet): 985
Complement: 30 officers 74 enlisted
Missile: none
8*21" (533mm) bow torpedo tubes for M 57 torpedoes, total of 24 torpedoes
Armament: none

A total of 14 hulls were ordered under this class. All laid down by Shipyard 402, Severodvinsk, and launched between 1958 and 1963. The remaining Project 627 and 627A class submarines were decommissioned between 1988 and 1992.

Image Country Year Description
USSR - Soviet Union Navy Day, submarine silhouette (SSN November class- Project 627), 28 March 1988
USSR - Soviet Union Navy Day, November class submarine, 1st January 1983
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