HMS Unity, sank in collision with Norwegian ship
HMS Unity was one of the first three U-class/Unity class built by Vickers Armstrong, Barrow. At first, these unarmed boats, were intended to be use as targets submarines for anti-submarine vessels.

On April 29, 1940 HMS Unity sank in collision with the Norwegian ship SS Atle Jarl off the river Tyne.

Sailed out from Blyth at 17:30. In the main channel, where the Norwegian ship was proceeding on her way from Scotland to the Tyne, visibility was down to 100 yards. Neither vessel saw the other until the submarine spotted the ship at 50 yards and on a collision course. There was just time to shut the bulkhead doors and order the engines astern before the collision. The order to abandon the submarine was given and Unity sank in five minutes. Four crewmen lost.

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