Le Casabianca liberating Corse

Le Casabianca (Q-183) was put into service in 1935. At the beginning of the war she took part in the Atlantic campaign operating in the Norwegian theater. Later on, 1941-42, and after France signed the Armistice with Nazi Germany, she remains faithful to Marshall Pétain`s government, France (Vichy), operating in the Mediterranean and stationed in Morocco.
On November 27, 1942 the navy, stationed in Toulon at the south of France, was ordered to scuttle is own ships, the crew refuses, takes over the Casabianca and crosses the Mediterranean to Algeria to join the Allies.

From December 14, 1942, her first mission to Corsica and until the liberation of Corsica, Le Casabianca is engaged in transferring and supporting groups of resistance fighters. As the invasion gets close the submarine delivers special agents and commando forces to the island.

Corsica was the first French department to be liberated, October 4, 1943.

Since 2004 her conning tower is on display in Bastia, Corsica, near the harbour.

Specifications Le Casabianca:
Le Casabianca was an Ocean-going submarine of Agosta class from Le Redoutable 3ed series. Launched on February 2ed, 1935 and commissioned at the end of the year.

Displacement (srf/sub tons): 1,570/2,080             
Dimensions (L*B*D meter): 92.3*8.2*4.9
Propulsion: 2*4,300hp Sulzer/Schneider Diesels, 2*1,000hp electric motors, 2 shafts
Speed (srf/sub knots): 20/10
Range (srf/sub n/miles@knots): 10,000@10 or 4,000@17/100@5
Diving depth (meter): 80-100
Complement: 4 officers 59 enlisted
Torpedo: 9*550mm (21.7") bow torpedo tubes, total of 13 torpedoes, 2*400mm (15.75") stern torpedo tubes with total of 4 torpedoes
Mines: none
Armament: 1*100mm main deck gun, 1*37mm AA gun, 1*12.7mm machine gun

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Image Country Year Description
Comoros 1991 Libarration of France,Charel De Gaulle.Submarine Casabianca in margin
France 1993 50 years of Corse liberation.Submarine Casabianca
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