Japanese submarine I-14, aircraft carrier of WW-II

The I-14 was a WW-II giant submarine of type AM-a second evolution of the Junsen type, later on followed by the aircraft carriers submarines of A1and A2 type.

The type A1 design was developed from the typeJunsen J3 design, with the hangar opening forward of the conning tower.  This was to access the forward-mounted catapult, which was so positioned to take advantage of the forward motion of the ship when launching the aircraft. Externally similar to A1, the Type A2 had less powerful engines and reduced maximum speed, but even longer range.

These giants, type AM, submarines were originally of the A2 type, but the design was revised after construction started in order to enable them to carry a second aircraft.  The seaplanes were to be the Aichi M6A1, a bomber able to carry a torpedo or an 800kg bomb.  The range of these boats was extraordinary, but underwater performance of these boats was badly compromised, and these must have been exceptionally easy targets.  
I-14 surrendered at sea at the end of the war, and was later scrapped.

Two additional ships were laid down, but not completed, and three more were canceled.

Specifications, AM type:

Displacement (srf/sub tons): 3,603/4,762
Dimensions (L*B*D feet): 372`10*38`6*19`4
Propulsion: 2*2,200hp diesel engines, 2*300hp electric motors, 2 shafts
Speed (srf/sub knots): 16.5/5.5
Range (srf/sub n/miles@knots): 21,000@16/un known
Diving depth (feet): 300
Complement: 118 officers and crew
Torpedo: 6*21" (533mm) bow torpedo tubes, total of 12 torpedoes
Mines: none
Armament: 1*140mm/50cal. Main deck gun, two seaplane bombers
2 units built, I-13 and I-14, 1944-1945

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Grenada-Grenadines 1995 IJN Submarine I-14 (aircraft carrying submarine)
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