RA-66 the last convoy battle of World War II
April 29, 1945 the last convoy battle of the Second World War begins as 14 German U-boats attack Westbound convoy RA-66, Kola Fjord-Loch Ewa, which consists of 24 ships with an escort including 2 escort-carriers, 1 cruiser, 9 destroyers, and 13 other ships.

During the attack U-427 survived the greatest amount of depth charges dropped on a U-boat during the war, 678 charges. U-968 sank the British frigate HMS Goodall.

A few days later, on May 4th , U-711 one of the boats participated in the attack, was sunk near Harstad, Norway, by depth charges from Avenger and Wildcat aircrafts of the British escort carriers HMS Searcher, Trumpeter and Queen.
The U-711 was the last U-boat sinking by the Royal Fleet Air Arm.

Image Country Year Description
Sierra Leone 1995 1945-1995 50th anni` of the end of WW-II, The war at sea (sheetlet of 8 stamps). The final months…the last convoy battle RA-66,German U-Boat in margine
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