N.A. Lunin, a WW-II submarine commander and a hero of the Soviet Union

Nikolai Alexandrovich Lunin, (1907-1970), was a Admiral in the Soviet Navy and a Hero of the Soviet Union.

He studied at the Rostov on Don marine college and joined the merchant marine serving aboard the tanker Azneft. He joined the Navy in 1935 and was transferred to the submarine arm in 1938.

In 1941 Lunin commanded the Sch class submarine SCH 421, he carried out several successful patrols in this boat sinking a German transport. In 1942 he was given command of the new K-class submarine, K-21. The K-21 made an unsuccessful attack on the German battleship Tirpitz in June 1942. He subsequently carried out further patrols in Arctic waters sinking 17 German transports. In 1943 he became commander of the Northern Fleets submarine brigade and was promoted to Rear Admiral in 1945.

After the war Lunin was involved in the Soviet exploration of the Arctic and Antarctic. Retired in 1962 and died in 1970. He is buried in the Military Cemetery in St. Petersburg.

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Image Country Year Description
Russia 2007 N.A.Lunin (1907- 1970)
Russia 2007 N.A.Lunin (1907- 1970)
Russia 2007 100th anni` of the birth of two Russian submarine heroes (sheetlet of 8 stamps)
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