Italian submarine, R.Msg Brin and the Pedestal Convoy
The Pedestal Convoy, WS5.21.S, was a major convoy to supply Malta. Following the disastrous attempts in June 1942 to reinforce Malta, the Admiralty and British government decided on one last attempt to supply Malta, in the face of growing Axis power in both Europe and the pacific. In this atmosphere of Allied retreat, Malta was sure to fall before Hitler`s planned occupation of Malta, Operation Hercules.

The Convoy was assigned a WS number, to put the Axis guard off, WS convoys normally sailing for Suez via the Cape of Good Hope. The Convoy assembled at Gourock on August 2ed, 1942 before setting sail for Gibraltar at the same day. As they sailed they picked up their escorts, joined by more ships en route.
Brin was one of many submarines and other Axis naval forces assembled to intercept the convoy. Although the convoy suffered many losses it managed her destination-Malta.

R.Msg Brin
, with Luigi Longanesi Cattani in command, was also involved in intercepting a convoy sailing from Freetown, Sierra Leone, the SL-75, heading to Britain. On June 13, 1941 the Brin torpedoed and sunk two merchants and hitting a third.

Specifications, R.Msg Brin, Brin class:
The Brin was an ocean going submarine, the first of class of 5 units.

Displacement (srf/sub tons): 1,016/1,233
Dimensions (L*B*D meter): 72.5*6.7*4.55
Propulsion: 2*1,500hp diesel engine, 2*550hp electric motors, 2 shafts
Speed (srf/sub knots): 17.3/8
Range (srf/sub n/miles@knots): 9,000@7.8/90@4
Diving depth (meter): un known
Complement: 54 officers and enlisted
Torpedo: 4*21"(533mm) bow torpedo tubes, 4*21" stern torpedo tubes, total of 14 torpedoes
Mines: none
Armament: 1*100mm/ 43 main deck gun, 4*13.2mm AA machine gun

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Ghana 1998 Submarine Brin of Italy
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